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Redman Cowboy The Bad

Product Includes: Head Sculpt with Hat Smoking Pipe Black Coat Black Vest White Shirt Black Pants Black Tie Black Belt Handbag Black Gunbelt & Holster & Bullet X 3 Cowboy Black Boots with Spurs Navy Colt Pistol Winchester Rifle Revolver with Butt Pocket Watch and Gold Chain Body with hands
$154.99 $144.99

Redman Dracula Blue

Product Includes: Head Sculpt, Gentleman Hat (Mobile), Blue Metal Glasses, Gray Suit, Gray Suit Pants, Gray Shirt, Silver Vest, Plaid Tie, Black Shoes, Metal Scepter, Body, Hands, Stand.
$169.99 $158.99

Redman The Last of Girl

Product Includes: Head Sculpt Military Green Coat Red Sweater Red Short Sleeve T-shirt Black Long Sleeved Tights Dark Blue Jeans Military Green Backpack Badge x 5 Casual Shoes Sniper Rifle Silver Revolver Black Pistol Knife Torch Body Hands x 8
$135.99 $127.99

Redman The Lost Man

Normal Head Sculpt Vampire Head Sculpt Metal Earrings Black Jacket(Include Badges, Watch) Black Tights Black Leather Black Leather Pants Noodle Chopsticks Classic Wine Thigh Boot Vampire Hands Vampire foots Black glove hands X 4 Body
$174.99 $164.99