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POP Toys The Era of Europa War Dragon Knight

Product List: Head*1. Body*1. Armor hands*4. Undershirt*1. Chain armor clothing*1. Pants*1 pair . Cloak*1. Burka*1. Belt*1. Armet*1. Body armor*1. Arm armor*2. Cuish*2. Two-handed swords*1. Dagger*1. Lance*1. Dragon pattern shield*1. Dragon pattern flag*1. Flag shelf*1. Armor stand*1. Holder*1
Manufacturer: POP Toys
Availability: In stock
GTIN: 6971281620369
Delivery date: 5-8 days
Old price: $219.99
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Product List:

  • Head*1
  • Body*1
  • Armor hands*4
  • Undershirt*1
  • Chain armor clothing*1
  • Pants*1 pair
  • Cloak*1
  • Burka*1
  • Belt*1
  • Armet*1
  • Body armor*1
  • Arm armor*2
  • Cuish*2
  • Two-handed swords*1
  • Dagger*1
  • Lance*1
  • Dragon pattern shield*1
  • Dragon pattern flag*1
  • Flag shelf*1
  • Armor stand*1
  • Holder*1