POP Toys Genpei Heroine Tomoe Gozen Standard Version

Product List: Young head*1 Head with beard*1 Body*1 Gloved hands*4 Red undershirt*1 Scarf*1 Pants*1 pair Boots*1 pair Upper body chain armor*1 Shoulder armor*2 Upper plate armor*1 Dagger (with scabbard)*1 Sword (with scabbard)*1 Leather belt*2 Imperial crown*1 Sleeveless robe*1 Figure stand*1
Manufacturer: POP Toys
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Product List:

  • High quality female head*1
  • Super flexible female body*1
  • Hands*6


  • Red underwear*1
  • Red coat*1
  • Red pants*1 pair
  • Sandals*1 pair


  • Head hoop*1
  • Right chest plate*1
  • Left chest plate*1
  • Breastplate*1
  • Shoulder armor*2
  • Armor Belt*1
  • Golden skirt armors*8


  • Katana*1
  • Katana scabbard*1
  • Wakizashi*1
  • Wakizashi scabbard*1
  • Razor*1
  • Bow*1
  • Arrow*4
  • Quiver*1

Other accessories:

  • Black armor stand*1
  • Black armor box*1
  • Black katana stand*1
  • Black wooden bow and arrow stand*1
  • Flag*1
  • Black wooden flag stand*1
  • Straw mat*1
  • Figure stand*1

Note: The full armor are made of metal, and manually threading.