Original Effect Army Attractive Cello 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Cello sculpture, Reborn body, Military cap, Overcoat, Underclothes, Underpants, Reaphook, Chain
Manufacturer: Original Effect
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Product Specification:

  • Cello sculpture
  • Reborn body
  • Military cap
  • Overcoat
  • Underclothes
  • Underpants
  • Reaphook
  • Chain


Each country successively cracks the remodeled fighting capacity of NAXI and can successfully develop well-matched green-pupil adepts. Cello is a new group of adepts of NAXI after Viola. It has yellow snake eyes, which are completely different from the previous Viola and Sunayuki, etc. in eye color. Its capacity is also subversively stronger than green-pupil adepts, making NAXI renew the peak of adepts. The new yellow-pupil adepts and the previous green-pupil ones greatly repel each other, so NAXI decides to “clear” the previous remodeled forces of all green-pupil adepts including VIOLA. However, the research and development source of green-pupil and yellow-pupil adepts has always been a mystery. The trigger for such genetic mutation will gradually unfold in future Amry Attractive! — From ORIGINAL EFFECT!

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