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Original Effect Army Attractive Cello 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Cello sculpture, Reborn body, Military cap, Overcoat, Underclothes, Underpants, Reaphook, Chain
$133.50 $124.99

Original Effect Army Attractive Lilith 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Lilith sculpture, Reborn body ), Lilith`s cloth, High heel shoes
$125.99 $118.99

Original Effect Army Attractive Lois 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Lois sculpture, Reborn body, Lois`s cloth, High heel shoes
$125.99 $118.99

Original Effect Bloodline Lilo·I 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Head *1, Body *1, Headdresses *1 Pair, Sword *1, Elbow guard *1, Hands*2 Pair, Lilo·I’s outfit
$129.99 $121.99

Original Effect Gaya 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Head PVC With two sets of hair replacement, Body Ball-jointed OE REBORN PVC+PC, Size 13.3 Inch tall, Costume White Vest x1, Blue and white striped Underpants x1, Leather Pants x1, Waistband x1, Hooded Dress x1, Yellow Band x1, Pair of Gloves x1, Pair of High-heeled Boots x1
$135.50 $126.99

Original Effect Heyar Adas 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Head, Teenie Body, Underwear, Outerwear, Shoulder Armor, Hands * 3 Pair, Complimentary CD, The Nanocore Animation Season One
$132.99 $123.99

Original Effect The Experimental ZWEI 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Designed by Japanese “Masahiro Shimamoto”, Experimental – ZWEI * 1, Features Removable Joints for Easy Assemble and Disassemble
$62.99 $58.99

Original Effect MoMo The Juggler 02 Margarita

Products include: Designed by Japanese "Masahiro Shimamoto" The Juggler - 02 Margarita* 1 Features Removeable Joints for Easy Assemble and Disassemble Product Height: 7.8" Tall
$76.99 $72.99