One Toys 1/6 Kim Jong-un Boxed Figure

Products Include: 1 big head. 1 durable body AT018. 4 big pair of hands. 1 big white shirts. 1 big black blazer. 1 big black trousers. 1 big black overcoat. 1 big trapper hat. 1 pair of black colored big boots.
Manufacturer: One Toys
Availability: Out of stock
SKU: OT-002
Delivery date: 2-4 days


Product Features:

  • One(1)big head
  • One (1)durable body AT018
  • Four(4)big pair of hands
  • One(1)big white shirts
  • One(1)big black blazer
  • One(1)big black trousers
  • One(1)big black overcoat
  • One(1)big trapper hat
  • One(1)pair of black colored big boots
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