Mini Times U.S. Navy Seal Team 2 Halo Jumper 1/6 Scale

Including: Head Sculpt. Black Jumpsuit. Fast Ballistic Helmet. Panoramic Night Vision System. Helmet V-Lights x2. Black Backpack. Gloved Hands. Tactical Boot/Feet. Oxygen Mask with Tank/Holster. HK416 Rifle with Sling. Rifle Attachments. Parachute Harness. Pistol with Lanyard. Drop Down Pistol Holster. ...
Manufacturer: Mini Times
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SKU: MT-M001
Delivery date: 2-4 days

Scale: 1:6

The Body is NOT included.


- Head Sculpt

- Black Jumpsuit

- Fast Ballistic Helmet

- Panoramic Night Vision System

- Helmet V-Lights x2

- Black Backpack

- Gloved Hands

- Tactical Boot/Feet

- Oxygen Mask with Tank/Holster

- HK416 Rifle with Sling

- Rifle Attachments

- Parachute Harness

- Pistol with Lanyard

- Drop Down Pistol Holster

- Wrist Altimeter

- Radio with Headset and Pouch

- Goggles - EMT Shears

- Rifle Magazines x8

- Pistol Magazines x2

- Grenades x2

- Wrist GPS

- Chemlights x5

- Carabiners x2

- Black Plate Carrier System

- Black Pouch Assortment

- Knife with Sheath

- Drop Down Gas Mask/GP Pouch

- Nalgene Bottle

- Patch Assortment