KGB Hobby Russian MVD Special Force Limited Edition 1/6 Scale

Product Features: Berezhka Combat Jacket, Berezhka Combat Trousers, M32 ‘Tarzan’ Class-A Tactical Vest, Kazak-6 Body Armor, Byteks ‘Omon’ Leather Combat Boots, Khaki Field Cap, Armed Forces Oval Cockade in Silver, Scarf (OD), Multi-Purpose Pouch, ANA Belt (OD), ...
Manufacturer: KGB Hobby
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SKU: KGB-002
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Product Features:

  • Berezhka Combat Jacket
  • Berezhka Combat Trousers
  • M32 ‘Tarzan’ Class-A Tactical Vest
  • Kazak-6 Body Armor
  • Byteks ‘Omon’ Leather Combat Boots
  • Khaki Field Cap
  • Armed Forces Oval Cockade in Silver
  • Scarf (OD)
  • Multi-Purpose Pouch
  • ANA Belt (OD)
  • Rubber Tourniquet
  • Long Sleeve “Muscle” T-Shirt
  • “Muscle” Long Underpants
  • Black Gloves
  • AKS-74U Assault Rifle (New Material)
  • Kobra Red Dot Optical
  • PBS-5 Silencer
  • Mags for AKS-74U x8
  • Khaki Sling for AKS-74U
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