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IQO Toys Takeda Shingen Sideroom Badong Standard Version

Configuration List: -Female soldier’s head sculpture (hair transplant) -1 /6 Body -4 replacement hands Clothing: -Shirt -Tops -Bottoms -Straw sandals Armor: -Scarf -Armor on the shoulders -Armor -Armor on the hands -Armor on the skirt -Armor on the legs -Suneate Weapons: -katana -Short knife -Long knife Accessories: -Bracket
Manufacturer: IQO Model
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SKU: IQO-91005A
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Configuration List:

- Female soldier’s head sculpture (hair transplant)

- 1 /6 Body

- 4 replacement hands


- Shirt

- Tops

- Bottoms

- Straw sandals


- Scarf

- Armor on the shoulders

-Armor -Armor on the hands

- Armor on the skirt

- Armor on the legs

- Suneate


- Katana

- Short knife

- Long knife


- Bracket