HY Toys HH Model Imperial Army Centurion 1/6 Scale

Product Includes: one(1) 1/6 simulation head carving, one(1) Movable entity, six(6) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms, one(1) Red jacket, one(1) Chain armor, one(1) Brown pants, one(1) Red cloak, one(1) Red scarf, one(1) Red shawl, ...
Manufacturer: HY Toys
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SKU: HY-HH18002
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Product Includes:

  • one(1) 1/6 simulation head carving
  • one(1) Movable entity
  • six (6) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms
  • one(1) Red jacket
  • one(1) Chain armor
  • one(1) Brown pants
  • one(1) Red cloak
  • one(1) Red scarf
  • one(1) Red shawl
  • one(2) Brown wristband
  • one(1) belt
  • one(1) Shoes
  • one(1) helmet(metal)
  • one(1) Chest medal
  • one(1) Long sword(metal)
  • one(1) dagger(metal)
  • one(1) Shield
  • one(1) Rattan stick
  • one(1) Round platform