HY Toys Bull Demon King Action Figure

Product includes: one(1)head, one(1)body, six(6)pieces of interchangeable palm, one(1)White open inside shirt, one(1)black trousers, one(1)Brown robe, one(1)Black cloak, one(1)Red streamers, one(1)girdle, one(1)crowns, one(1)The golden armor, one(1)Guard arm, one(1)Leg guard, ....
Manufacturer: HY Toys
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SKU: HY-010A
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Product includes:

  • one (1)head
  • one (1)body
  • six (6)pieces of interchangeable palm
  • one (1)White open inside shirt
  • one (1)black trousers
  • one (1)Brown robe one(1)Black cloak
  • one (1)Red streamers
  • one (1)girdle
  • one (1)crowns
  • one (1)The golden armor
  • one (1)Guard arm
  • one (1)Leg guard
  • one (1)shoes
  • one (1)Leather belt
  • one (1)Two-handed axes
  • one (1)Circular platform