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Hybrid Metal Figuration Alien Queen

Hybrid Metal Figuration Alien Queen - The queen is the largest and most intelligent member of the hive. She is usually the mother of every warrior and drone in the hive, as she is the only one to lay eggs. The queen appears as the primary antagonist in Aliens franchise firms, and also in Alien vs Predator.
$101.99 $91.99

Herocross The Dark Knight Rises Batman & Joker Gotham City Boxset

To bring the criminal to justice, Batman is equipped with Batarang, Grapnel Gun and Electric Gun, he can also be switched to the light up "sonar-vision" mode in the 2008 movie. The figure also comes with a highly detailed Light up Bat-Signal, designed to project the Bat emblem.
$127.99 $112.99