Dark Blood Jeerer Collectible 1/6 Scale Figure

1/6 scale Exquisite Jeerer's Head(Eyes Equipped with Green LED Kit). Ferrite movable joints. 6 Different Types of Replaceable Hand Gestures. Normal Gesture*2. Inducible Gesture. Holding Weapon Gesture*2. Control puppet Gesture. Black Chaotic dress(Lord of chaos' badge on the back of dress). Black Clown Suit.,,
Manufacturer: Dark Crown Toys
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SKU: DB-002
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Product Features:

  • 1/6 scale Exquisite Jeerer's Head (Eyes Equipped with Green LED Kit)
  • Ferrite movable joints
  • 6 Different Types of Replaceable Hand Gestures
  • Normal Gesture*2
  • Inducible Gesture
  • Holding Weapon Gesture*2
  • Control puppet Gesture
  • Black Chaotic dress (Lord of chaos' badge on the back of dress)
  • Black Clown Suit
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Skull nail shoulder flower
  • Black Show Cloak
  • Pointed end facial makeup Boots
  • Chaos hammer
  • Chaotic mask
  • Double Snake rune Collar
  • Soul Control Wrister
  • Blade Wrister
  • The Muppets-Chaos boy
  • Unicycle-Chaos vortex (can carry puppet.Bold performance)
  • Soul Mistakes (Luxury Grand Platform with LED Light Emission Kit and Remote Control. Has memory function and adjustable light source intensity making it easy to take pictures & display)
  • Unicycle special platform
  • Special Bonus Gift: “DARK BLOOD” Story Book-The second chapter
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