Cat Toys Handywoman Character Set Camo

Product Specification: Female head sculpt, Highly detailed Jacket, Panty, Bra, Shorts, Ball cap, Belt with bags, Stocks, Leg straps *2 pcs, Gloves hands 2 pairs, Glasses, Tool box, Tools, Boots (Designed for bare foot), Body Not Included
Manufacturer: Cat Toys
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SKU: CAT-007-C
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CAT-007A; Handywoman Character Set in Yellow
CAT-007B; Handywoman Character Set in Black
CAT-007C; Handywoman Character Set in Camo

Product Specification:

  • Female head sculpt
  • Highly detailed Jacket
  • Panty
  • Bra
  • Shorts
  • Ball cap
  • Belt with bags
  • Stocks Leg straps *2 pcs
  • Gloves hands 2 pairs
  • Glasses
  • Tool box
  • Tools Boots (Designed for bare foot)
  • *Body Not Included 
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