AFV 1/35 M60A3 TTS Patton

AFV 1/35 M60A3 TTS Patton. Model Kit version. Need to assemble and paint.
Manufacturer: AFV Club
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SKU: AFV-AF35249
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• Choose to construct in M60A3 or M60A3 TTS.

• New tooling shooting simulators can be selected.

• The kit comes with warning light for various choice of setting.

• AN/VSS-3 xenon searchlight can be selected.

• M19 blank adapter of Commander’s cupola can be build.

• Wading device including.

• The M68A1's thermal sleeve has two types of choose ( Early or Late stage ).

• New tooling T-142 type tracks.

• Two kinds of road wheels included (steel and aluminum).

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