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DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom Heart 3 Bartley 1/6 Figure

Headsculp. Action body. Filler underwear. The purple shirt. Green tie. Red waistcoat. Red gold suit. Black trousers. Black belt. 1911 machine pistol A
$165.99 $154.99

DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom Spade 6 Ada 1/6 Figure

The 6 of spades, Ada, is J’s little sister. Growing up in the gang and being a smart whistle, she was very much loved by the K of spades and other family elderlies. Their fondness indulged her becoming a spoiled rebel.
$143.99 $133.99

DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom Spade 7 1/6 Figure

The 7 of Spades, Harry, was a mercenary in his early years. Survived from the battlefield, he went back to England and started to take some temporary jobs for hire.
$143.99 $133.99