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ZC World Garfield Master Series 07 Pirate

27cm Tall Pirate Costume included 5 points of articulations Material: PVC, Fabric © Paws. All Rights Reserved.
€56.99 €53.19

ZC World Garfield Master Series 08 Santa Claus

27cm Tall Santa Claus Costume included 5 points of articulations Material: PVC, Fabric © Paws. All Rights Reserved.
€56.99 €53.19


Born of an American mother and raised a Catholic, Ana Ishikawa is a conscripted outcast of the Kyoto sohei, a renegade from a society of renegades.
€189.99 €176.70


Tomoe Gozan is named after one of history’s greatest female samurai. A member of the Nara Sohei Sect, she and her team are dispatched to America to deal with Masahiro Arashi’s Shi Killer.
€142.49 €132.99

PHICEN LIMITED Arhian Head Huntress 1/6 Scale Figure

In the years after the third Arkhorian War, hordes of reavers, pirates, and mercenaries roamed the world, their swords serving no cause but themselves or the highest bidder. Across these bloodstained lands rode Arhian, proud, fierce, her guile and wit as cutting as her blade. Storming through an age without heroes, she claimed it for hers and cleaved her way into legend.
€161.49 €151.04

PHICEN LIMITED Arkhalla Queen of Vampires

In the beginning of the Bronze Age, 5,000 years ago, her name was whispered in fear across the cities and kingdoms of early man.
€161.49 €151.99

PHICEN LIMITED Athena Spartan Goddess of War

Product Specification: 1 x head sculpt. 1 x TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton. 3 pairs x interchangeable hands. 1 pair x feet (with painted shoes on them). 1 x helmet. 1 x cape. 1 x underwear piece for the upper body. 1 x underwear piece for lower part of the body...
€148.19 €138.69

PHICEN LIMITED Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer

A massive 50 ft wall of stone and wrought iron that separated a land of evil and the unholy was constructed by an ancient civilization thousands of years ago.
€180.49 €168.14

PHICEN LIMITED Majestic Crusader

Product Specification: 1 x head sculpt, 1 x TBLeague female seamless body with metal armature, 1 x close-fitting one-piece suit, 7 x interchangeable hands, 1 pc x neck armor, 2 pcs x shoulder armor, 2 pcs x elbow armor, 2 pcs x forearm armor, 1 pc x breast armor ...
€170.99 €160.54

PHICEN LIMITED The Pro 1/6 Scale Figure

From the twisted minds of Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti comes the story of a street walking, foulmouthed prostitute that wakes up one day donning superpowers that come to the attention of the righteous superhero team The League of Honor. When asked to join, the team has no idea what they had in store as The Pro shows them first-hand what a working girl thinks of their world, and how to deal with their super hero antics.
€149.14 €139.64

Toys Works The Boss 1/6 Scale

Inspired by Vincent D'Onofrio's character Wilson Fisk in the Netflix version of Daredevil, this "boss" figure can stand in for any fat cat villain, or indeed, just a welcome larger-sized civilian in a nice business suit. Versatile (you can probably think of a number of oversize bald-headed villains that have appeared in movies throughout time), get this version of The Boss and have him supervise your action figure collection.
€119.69 €112.09